About The Kuntz Law Firm

The Kuntz Law Firm

The Kuntz Law Firm is a business litigation boutique founded by Board Certified Attorney John David Kuntz January 2, 2000 in Houston, Texas. Prior to founding the firm, Mr. Kuntz graduated Magna Cum Laude in Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics from the University of Iowa in 1988, with a special honors thesis in the philosophy of religion. He graduated with honors from Michigan Law School in 1991, joined the Texas Bar, and became an attorney at Exxon Company, U.S.A. In 1995 he became an associate for a nationally recognized defense firm until its dissolution in 1998, and then an income partner at a nationally recognized, highly successful plaintiff’s firm. Mr. Kuntz became Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 2009.

We now have offices in Houston, Richmond, and McAllen, and serve clients throughout Texas. We are also proud to serve many nationally recognized companies in other jurisdictions throughout the United States. When necessary, we partner with highly skilled local counsel to ensure we maintain the best possible playing fields. We strive to obtain the best results for our clients and are dedicated to maximizing our clients’ legal positions through sophisticated, high-quality work without charging exorbitant large law firm fees.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Avoid litigation at all costs.” We begin with the premise that most disputes are best resolved if the parties work amicably and in good faith rather than opening a discussion with hostility, and we attempt to find common ground. This approach almost always makes resolving the harder issues easier later on. Our highly trained legal assistants, investigators and collectors try hard to resolve claims and disputes without litigation, and have an enviable success rate.

Nonetheless, in today’s litigious society, many seem to seek litigation at all costs. More and more people and companies of every size now refuse to act unless and until they are sued. So, while always odious, sometimes litigation cannot be avoided.

In every claim and lawsuit we handle, we begin with the end in mind. Our first thought is to what can be achieved in a situation, then we get straight to the point. It is not a winning strategy to wait until trial to decide one’s trial strategy. We believe our plaintiff clients should have sufficient evidence to win the case well in hand before suit is filed. Likewise, when defending a case, we know it is of utmost import to quickly determine whether the plaintiff’s case is winnable, and if not, to get hold of the plaintiff’s Achilles’ heel and never let go.

Judges are busy and are called upon to decide almost every kind of legal question imaginable. There is no way any single individual can know all that must be known to answer every question that comes before him or her. Therefore, we know we must assist judges to understand the law that will decide the case. Judges before whom we practice appreciate our attention to legal detail, and are comfortable that the law we present them is well-researched and that the positions we take are legally sound and credible. We do not assist clients whose cases are frivolous, or seek to maintain a position that is legally unsound or for an improper purpose. To do so would undermine the integrity of the firm, and thus hurt the position of all our clients in the long run.

Often the winning side in a case is the first to make the main theme in the case stick in the mind of the fact-finder. We have defeated several larger firms at trial just because they fail to do that. Very often, large law firms spend so much billable time trying to figure out all the things they can possibly do in a case so that they can maximize their billings, that they lose sight of getting to the critical point that closes the deal.

Many lawyers at large law firms believe in the old adage that bad lawyers can cause a case to drag on for years, while good lawyers can make their case last a lot longer than that. Once as an associate in a large firm, Mr. Kuntz complained to a partner for whom he worked that a bill seemed to be excessive for the work that had been done. The partner responded that if a client complained about a bill, they are too poor to be a client of that firm. That notion is anathema to the way we want to practice law. So, our motto has always been and will continue to be: Justice and Efficiency.

We have soundly defeated several medium and large firms in trial, settled hundreds of other cases without trial, and thousands of matters before ever filing suit, because we strive to prepare better and smarter than our opponents and to ensure that we stay ahead in the game. In so doing, we often reach earlier, better outcomes without needless pain and expense, yet should war come, we stand ready to go the distance.

If you have a breach of contract claim, a lien issue, or are owed unpaid wages, bonuses, partner or shareholder compensation, or any other debt, we are here to help. In addition to individual and corporate clients of all kinds, we have represented numerous collection agencies in FDCPA, employment, confidentiality and covenant not to compete litigation, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty cases. We especially take pride in our track record of auto defect cases, handling of title disputes, DTPA, product liability, premises liability, inadequate security, construction, environmental, employment, and other business disputes.

We appreciate your interest in our firm, and look forward to serving you.