Commercial Collections

We handle all types of commercial matters, including but not limited to:

Our commercial collectors typically begin their training as consumer collectors with our firm or have already received extensive training from other large collection agencies. After exhibiting special talent and developing expertise in the knowledge of legal issues and regulatory requirements, the successful collectors are given the opportunity to work on increasingly larger commercial matters, and must continue to demonstrate excellence in obtaining expeditious and desirable outcomes.

Our collectors are trained to look at all angles of a commercial case and to employ the best collection processes available, including referring the matter for immediate litigation or the appointment of a receiver or an involuntary bankruptcy proceeding.

If a voluntary resolution to a collection matter is not readily achieved, we promptly advise our clients to sue or cancel. If a case is not sued within the applicable limitations period, the claim will, except in rare instances, be permanently lost. Accordingly, even if it appears that a debtor may be incapable of paying an obligation at the present time, it may be wise to obtain a judgment in any event with the hope that it will be collected in whole or part at some future time. Of course, this is a decision each client must make given the client’s specific desires and circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

If a decision to sue is made, a separate written litigation agreement with respect to that particular matter must be entered. Whenever possible, we seek to recover not only the principal balance due, but court costs, pre- and post-judgment interest, and attorney fees. However, the availability of such remedies differs State-by-State, and are often left to the discretion of a court or jury. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the outcome of any lawsuit, let alone the ultimate collectability of any judgment. What does affect the likelihood of your recovery, however, is the relative talent of the attorneys and collectors you employ, and for that reason, we retain only those collectors who demonstrate excellence in their fields.