Consumer Collections and Consumer Litigation

We are proud to represent a wide variety of clients who extend credit to consumers. We follow every rule and regulation governing the industry, and our debtor contacts are documented and tape-recorded for the protection of our firm, our clients, and the debtors. It is in this area where we are most sensitive to the needs of the opposite parties, and we attempt to work together in any reasonable way to reach an amicable resolution to every claim. We understand that most people are good, decent, and hard-working and normally would timely resolve their debts, but are sometimes unable to do so for any number of legitimate reasons. We consider the particular circumstances of each debtor and attempt to work out payment arrangements that resolve outstanding obligations in a fair and workable matter. If, however, a debtor refuses to cooperate in any way to resolve a matter, the client must make a decision to sue or not. If a decision to sue is made, a separate written litigation agreement with respect to that particular matter must be entered. Whenever possible, we seek to recover not only the principal balance due, but court costs, pre- and post-judgment interest, and attorney fees. However, the availability of such remedies differs State-by-State, and are often left to the discretion of a court or jury. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the outcome of any lawsuit, let alone the ultimate collectability of any judgment.